World War II

Photos by Mike Rosati   Master of Ceremonies Stan Bunger of KCBS tosses a wreath from the USS Hornet’s fantail, continuing a longtime Pearl Harbor Day tradition.

Remembering Pearl Harbor

Dec 13,2016


Veterans and local residents gathered to remember this country’s entrance into World War II, Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7. Ceremonies were held aboard the USS Hornet and on Coast Guard Island last Wednesday. 

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 The Grumman TBM-3 Avenger torpedo bomber "Miss June" aboard the USS Hornet. Courtesy photo.

Farewell ‘Miss June’

May 17,2016

June Idell Foster passed away on April 20. Her spirit lives on aboard the USS Hornet, however. A Bay Area native, Foster grew up in a military family and put her support behind military and veteran causes.

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Richard Bangert   Department of Veterans Affairs representative Laura Kelly spoke about the VA’s future medical facility and columbarium at Alameda during the April 2 Doolittle tour at Alameda Point.

Past, Present, Future Converge at Point

Apr 07,2016

Military history, protection of endangered birds and support for military veterans shared an Alameda Point runway on Saturday, April 2, during a lecture tour sponsored by the Naval Air Museum.

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