veterans day

Some 250 local residents gathered at the Alameda Elks Lodge on Veterans Day last Saturday to honor veterans and active-duty military stationed in the area. The lodge itself boasts 126 members who are veterans. The Elks’ veterans served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the current Middle East conflicts. 

In honor of Veterans Day and to salute all veterans, I present some very special letters my uncle wrote from the front during World War I. Carroll Hosbrook, a farm boy from Ohio, found himself in a small French village on Nov. 11, 1918. Bells in a bombed-out church were still intact and rang out the good news of the Armistice having been signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. On this historic day, my Uncle Carroll was writing home, part of a series of letters that chronicled his service from boot camp to battlefield.

Alamedans remembered and thanked their veterans, both living and dead  last Wednesday as the nation celebrated Veterans Day.
Activiites about the aircraft carrier USS Hornet hosted its annual remembrance with a wreath tossing ceremony (above left) with Bill Fee piping and saluting, right, and Eldon Brodie and Lashon Lang doing the honors with the wreath. 
Mayor Trish Spencer addressed those gathered at Veterans Memorial Hall, where veterans stood to be recognized by those in attendance (below). 

Tim Hampton addressed those gathered last Tuesday for Veterans Day ceremonies aboard USS Hornet. They included survivors of Air Group 11, seated in a place of honor in front of Hampton. These men represent the pilots and aircrews who earned a Presidential Unit Citation during World War II.

Hampton curated an exhibition aboard the Hornet that highlights the history of Air Group 11 from 1942-1945. During that time the group’s pilots and crews, including the men pictured here, went through combat tours that shot down 105 enemy planes and destroyed 272 planes on the ground.