Sweeney Park

On Saturday, Dec. 15, the Alameda community celebrated a historic occasion with the grand opening of Jean Sweeney Open Space Park. 

The 25-acre park is located on the former Alameda Belt Line Railroad property on the west side of the island. The site now includes open space areas and active uses such as a natural based playground, picnic pavilion and a segment of the Cross Alameda Trail for bicyclists and pedestrians. 


The construction of Jean Sweeney Park is progressing. The Alameda Rotary Club-sponsored picnic pavilion has now been installed. Drone videos of the progress are available at www.sweeneyopenspacepark.org/video/drone_flight_list.html. Watch for an announcement for two public tours of the park coming in early August.  


New park design approved
Last Thursday the Alameda Recreation & Parks Commission approved the final design of the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park. The design, developed by Placeworks, was created from the master plan approved by input of the citizens of Alameda and covers the entire park property even though the park will be constructed in at least three phases. Construction is scheduled to begin this fall. 

Surveys of the former Belt Line switching yard have confirmed that the area is not 22 acres in size, but is actually 27 acres.