The California Bureau of Real Estate has filed a complaint against Alameda landlord Don Lindsey. As a founding member of Alamedans for Fair Rents, an organization of the city’s property owners and managers, Lindsey has stood front and center in the recent rent debate in the city.

For more than a year, Mayor Trish Spencer and the City Council have insisted that the Rent Review Advisory Committee (RRAC) is to play a key role in easing the rent crisis in Alameda. 

In response, in late October and early November of this year, the Alameda Renters Coalition proposed a series of RRAC reforms to the Mayor, Council and to the RRAC itself. Implementing these reforms is critical if the RRAC is to be successful and if the Mayor and Council hope to ever win the trust of renters with regard to the RRAC.

Two arrests and a severe injury marred the city of Alameda’s special council meeting considering additional tenant protections last Wednesday, Nov. 4, at City Hall.

The chaos began less than 30 minutes into the meeting that was supposed to provide a blueprint on how the city would temporarily resolve the rising rent issue in Alameda. Members of the renters’ advocacy group, Alameda Renters Coalition (ARC), and other tenant advocacy groups from around the Bay Area, bombarded the hallways leading to the council chambers where the meeting was taking place.

Ten steps to finding quality tenants

A quality or "golden" tenant represents the norm in my experience as the owner of a real estate property management company for 28 years.

A quality tenant is someone who pays the rent on time, immediately notifies an owner or manager of any maintenance issues, follows the house rules, gets along with the other tenants and enjoys living in your property. They are the gold for an investment property owner.