Rent ordinance

Courtesy photo  Members of the Alameda Renters Coalition gathered at city hall last Tuesday before the Council Meeting.

Renters Rally at Council

Apr 11,2017


City staff proposed several clarifying amendments of the Rent Review, Rent Stabilization and Limitations on Evictions Ordinance at an extended City Council meeting Friday, April 7. The proposed changes were not recommended to overhaul the ordinance, but to fix certain discrepancies. 

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Council Tinkers with Rentals Ordinance

May 09,2017


A contentious 2016 election seasonn pitted Alameda landlords against tenants. A major premise in the heated contest concerned tenants’ rights surrounding evictions. Renters, business owners and homeowners teamed up to form Alameda Renters Coalition (ARC).

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Council Waits on Rent Call

Jun 28,2016


City Council decided not to implement a funding plan that would have determined how to allocate the cost of the Rent Review, Rent Stabilization and Limitations on Evictions Ordinance at its meeting on June 21.

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Rent Ordinance Drama Continues to Unfold

Apr 21,2016


The city of Alameda’s Rent Stabilization and Eviction Limitation Ordinance that went into effect on March 1 has raised concerns from tenants, landlords and local politicians.

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City Attempt at Rent Solution Leaves Much to be Desired

Apr 14,2016

The passage of Ordinance 3148: A Rent Stabilization and Limitations on Evictions Ordinance has brought turmoil and unrest to the provincial city of Alameda. Tenants dislike the “no fixed cap” clause that allows landlords to raise rents as much as they please.

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Councilman Attempts to Adjust Rent Ordinance

Apr 14,2016


Councilman Tony Daysog was one of three signers of a petition for a ballot measure filed with the City Clerk on March 31 that would amend the city’s Rent Stabilization and Tenant Protection Ordinance.

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