The Navy will present options on possible ways to clean up 60 acres at Alameda Point slated for a regional park at the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) meeting at 6:30 p.m., this evening on the second floor of City Hall West, 950 West Mall Square at Alameda Point. The draft cleanup options represent the culmination of 25 years of groundwater and soil studies that began before base closure was announced. Only five acres have been flagged for cleanup, but uncertainty about what lies beneath the pavement and structures requires a conservative approach. 

The Alameda Point Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) welcomed Mayor Trish Spencer to its Feb. 8 meeting. Spencer has attended RAB meetings in the past, as an interested member of the Alameda community. This visit, however, marked not only her first visit as mayor, but the only visit from any Alameda mayor in at least a decade.