Our electric company may be publicly owned, but public participation is down because it requires too much energy.


Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) has been talking about developing a community solar facility in Alameda for several years. Funding for such a project will be available starting next year. The former city trash dump next to the Bay Farm Bridge is the perfect location. Now is the time for our Public Utilities Board (PUB) to launch the effort.


One of the issues we are facing at our next Public Utilities Board (PUB) meeting is how to fairly pay rooftop solar customers for the excess energy they send to the grid. In Alameda, about 350 people have rooftop solar at their homes, representing about 1 percent of Alameda Municipal Power’s (AMP) 35,000 customers. It’s a complicated issue, and one that affects all Alamedans who pay an electric bill.