November election


Eleven state propositions crowd California’s 2018 ballot. There should have been 12, but on July 18, the California Supreme Court blocked Proposition 9, the vote to split California in three.  

Prop. 1: Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond

2018 campaign spending analyzed

The City of Alameda City Clerk’s Office has released last month’s campaign statements from political figures seeking office in the city. 


The election is less than two weeks away. Even though Measure L1 and M1 is getting most of the attention, there are others important propositions voters should be aware of.  Here is a list of propositions that will be voted on during the election.

Proposition 51: School Bonds. Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities


Slate of candidates combine efforts in attempt to unseat former Vice Mayor

A negative political attack ad mailer against Councilmember Tony Daysog has created a bit of a stir less than three weeks from the election.

The mailer has two ads, the first shows excerpts from planning board member David Burton’s Sept. 14 letter in the Alameda Journal. Burton was critical of Daysog for not supporting the Planning Board’s decision to allow an assisted living facility be built near the Oakland Airport.  


With the Nov. 8 election date approaching, more information is coming out about Alameda’s most talked about issue. The two rent ordinances that are up for vote at the election appear to have a lot more differences than similarities.