An Oakland man was convicted in Alameda County Superior Court on Thursday, May 12, for the murders of two Alameda natives almost three years ago.

Diantay Powell, 21, was convicted of second-degree murder for then 16-year-old Bobbie Sartain and first-degree murder for then 15-year-old Raquel Gerstel. 


An Oakland man accused of two counts of murder refused to testify at his own court trial last Wednesday, May 4.

Diantay Powell, is accused of killing two girls, Bobbie Sartain and Rachel Gerstel, on Nov. 25, 2012, on Minna Avenue near Brookdale Park in Oakland. Sartain and Gerstel were 16 and 15 years old, respectively, at the time of their deaths. 

According to her own confession to police, Donna Marie Qualls, 54, fatally shot Emmanuel Emmett Christy, 73, while he slept on Thursday, Dec. 3 (“Local Murder Case Looms,” Dec. 10). She then called the Alameda Police Department (APD) and waited at the scene of the murder she had already confessed to.  

“It’s usually doesn’t happen this way,” said APD Lt. Jill Ottaviano. “It’s unusual for the person to commit the crime and then wait for police to show up. Usually we have to go through a long search for suspects.”  

Three-year prison sentence likely

An Oakland man pleaded guilty to first-degree murder last Tuesday, Oct. 15, for the fatal shooting of an Alameda resident five years ago.

Daquan Lane, 25, entered a guilty plea before Alameda County Superior Court Judge Allan Hymer for his role in the fatal shooting of Eric Lamont Franklin outside his residence on the 700 block of Eagle Avenue on Sept. 11, 2010. Police say Franklin was shot three times outside his apartment. He was transported to Highland Hospital in Oakland where he was pronounced dead. He was 35 years old at the time of his death.

Joseph Karr’s mug shot show the self-inflicted wounds on his neck.

An Emeryville man is in a county jail in Texas for allegedly fatally stabbing his Alameda-resident girlfriend in Austin, Tex. Saturday, Nov. 1.

An Alameda man is in custody after confessing to Alameda police officers that he murdered his wife.

Jerry Canfield entered APD offices at 1555 Oak St. on Sunday, Oct. 26, and told the front desk clerks that he wanted to confess to the murder of his spouse. The admission came just after 6 p.m.

"He said that he killed his wife with a single gunshot," said APD Sgt. Rick Bradley, who would not reveal the type of firearm that was used. Bradley said Canfield, 72, shot his wife because she suffered from numerous ailments.

The Alameda County District Attorney has charged Calvin Earl Odom of Berkeley, 25, in connection with the murder of Vittorio Jackson, 37. Odom is currently serving a seven-year sentence in a Southern California federal prison.

In January he and his accomplice Craig Goatley pleaded guilty to the Aug. 3, 2013, robbery of the Citibank branch at 1526 Webster St. ("Duo Pleads Guilty to Alameda Bank Heist, Jan. 16). The pair left the bank with $8,869. Goatley received a six-and-one-half-year sentence.

On Wednesday, Aug. 27, jurors found Charles Kimbrough, 32, guilty of the April 20, 2011, first-degree murder of Adrian Falcon Sapp, 32, at the Summer House Apartments, 1826 Poggi St. The jury deliberated for only two hours.