Measure M1


Well, the Sept. 22 letters to the Alameda Sun were certainly full of fear. I would like an opportunity to reassure the letter writers, and correct some misconceptions about Measure M1.

In her letter (“The real danger inside M1”), Cara Carnes is concerned that “The landlord/property owner has no say or rights over who could potentially be living in their unit.” 


An Alameda man believes his home was vandalized due to his stance on the city’s rent control issue. Alameda resident Dean McPhee’s house suffered damage caused by a rock.

“Shortly before 1 a.m. Friday, Sept. 23, an unknown vandal threw a raw egg at the window of our 115-year-old Victorian,” wrote McPhee in a letter to the Alameda Sun. “The egg broke, but the window did not, so a second effort entailed a rock, which was effective in breaking the 2’ by 3’ pane of the double-hung window.”


If I had anything to do with it, Measure L1 would read