least terns

Rick Lewis &nbsp&nbsp The the size and color of this bird’s bill help identify it as a Caspian, not least a least tern.

Caspians: The Largest of the Terns

Aug 20,2020

While many of us know that the City of Alameda hosts the largest colony of Least terns during the summer nesting season, most of us do not know that we also host a nesting colony of the largest tern species, the Caspian tern.

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Ilana DeBare  People who attended the April 9 symposium looked for nesting peregrine falcons by the Fruitvale Bridge.

Wildlife Symposium Meets on the Island

Apr 21,2016

Least terns, harbor seals and western bluebirds are just part Alameda’s rich variety of wildlife that recently had their day in the sun — or drizzle — as part of Golden Gate Audubon Society’s “Wild! In Alameda” symposium, which included trips to viewing stations around the Island City. 

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