Jean Sweeney Open Space Park

Mark Brueckman &nbsp&nbsp Left, Jim Sweeney, husband of the late Jean Sweeney, namesake of Alameda’s newest park, addresses the crowd at the first public tour of the park. Amy Wooldridge stands behind Jim.

Public Explores Sweeney Park

Aug 07,2018

About 75 people attended the first public tours of the City of Alameda’s newest park, the 21st in the Alameda Recreation and Park Department (ARPD), Jean Sweeney Park, last Saturday. Another tour is set for today from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. 

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Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp A drone photo of Jean Sweeney Open Space Park

Sweeney Park Opening Scheduled

Nov 15,2018

The City of Alameda announced it will celebrate the grand opening of its newest park, Jean Sweeney Open Space Park, on Saturday, Dec. 15, at 10 a.m. The event takes place at the east entrance of the park at Atlantic Avenue and Sherman Street.

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Bomb Squad Called to Park

Aug 01,2017


A loud explosion startled many West Enders on Monday afternoon. According to the Alameda Police Department (APD), about 2 p.m. dispatch received a report that the crew working on the Cross Alameda Trail at Jean Sweeney Open Space Park discovered an apparent explosive device.

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Homeless Meeting

Sep 22,2016


The city of Alameda is holding a special public meeting to discuss the action plan aimed to mitigate the increased number of homeless encampments in the city. 

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City Working on Plan for Homeless Camps

Sep 15,2016


The City of Alameda is working collaboratively with Alameda Point Collaborative, Operation Dignity and the Social Services Human Resources Board (SSHRB) to develop and implement a plan to prevent increased homeless encampments in the city.

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Commission Looks at Planned Parks

Mar 17,2016

Part one

Last Thursday, members of the Recreation and Park Commission took a tour of five current and upcoming park projects:  Jean Sweeney Open Space Park, Encinal Boat Launch Facility, the Alameda Point Sports Project, Krusi Park and Estuary Park.

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