jackson park

Police claim Jackson Park site attracts bad behavior

In the early part of the 20th century Isabelle and George Clark lived in an apartment at 1173 Park Ave., just three houses from the southern tip of oval-shaped Jackson Park. In 1920, sometime after George died, Isabel installed a bench at the park’s southern tip to remember him.

After its meeting last Thursday, the Alameda Recreation and Parks Commission agreed to make an effort to restore the Isabelle Clark-donated bench at the south end of Jackson Park. The commission heard from a group of residents dedicated to preserving the bench. 

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter addressed to Amy Wooldridge, director of the Alameda Recreation and Park Department.


Dear Ms. Wooldridge:

Jackson Park has been our family’s front yard for 13 years. As a "passive-use park" Jackson needs places for people to relax. The Clark Memorial Bench is such a place. Its crescent shape makes it ideal for small groups to gather and talk. It is durable — made of solid concrete — and has lasted 94 years.