Courtesy photo.  United Healthcare offers a series of hints on how to stay healthy this flu season.

Avoid Flu this Season

Dec 20,2019

A sore throat. A headache. Body aches. A persistent cough. We’ve all had those symptoms and it’s easy to immediately chalk them up to a common cold. But what if it’s a more serious virus, like the flu?  

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Resident Offers Thank-You Gift

Jan 28,2016

Anita Hollerer-Squire has lived in Alameda for three years. She is originally from Austria, and has spent many years travelling around the world. Her husband is part of Artemis Racing, the Swedish team that took part in the 34th America’s Cup races in 2013.

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Courtesy photo  The benefits of massage are clear to those who have experienced them

How Massage Benefits Us

Dec 17,2015

The most common reason individuals seek to receive a massage is they desire relaxation. Whether they are experiencing mental, emotional or physical stress, massage therapy is a great way to initiate or aid in the healing process. 

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Find Your Way to the Great Outdoors

Dec 10,2015

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Get outside with the Alameda Free Library’s Library Outside program. The typical day for an American adult is a whirlwind of tasks.

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Dennis Evanosky - Joanne Robinson, Red Cross Youth Advisor, shows off the award Alameda’s network earned this year.

Red Cross Network Earns Honor in D.C.

Jun 26,2014

The Alameda Red Cross Youth Network from Encinal, Alameda, and ASTI high schools would like to thank everyone who helped support their April fundraisers with the aim of eliminating malaria across the world. 

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