Last Sunday’s Halloween Hoopla on Webster Street was another success this year. It brought several scary figures to the West End for some festive fun. The West Alameda Business Association (WABA) hosted the Hoopla last weekend, prior to Halloween. Among the attendees were the Loorz family of Alameda (above) dressed as characters from Nightmare Before Christmas. Family members include: Felicia Chavez-Loorz as Barrel, Rob Loorz as Mr. Oogie Boogie, Lilith Chavez-Loorz as Shock and Xavier Chavez-Loorz as Lock.


In typical Alameda form, the streets were stormed by ghosts and goblins in the vicinity of Grand Street on Halloween. Glowing jellyfish were definitely a theme this year (above). Of particular note was one little girl dressed as “presidential” candidate Donald Trump (left). She was said to be determined to “make Halloween great again.” According to her dad, they were letting her stock up on candy to help her deal with her upcoming loss next Tuesday.

Word of Alameda’s giant Halloween celebration must have spread to other galaxies as some unidentified flying objects recently landed outside Angela Hill and Matt Hunnicut’s home on Santa Clara Avenue. The couple annually presents a masterpiece in Halloween decorations featuring original art, animatronics, a smoke machine, "Pigs in Space" and lots more. Keep an eye out for little ghosts and goblins trick-or-treating for Halloween the evening of Saturday, Oct. 31. The Gold Coast and East End neighborhoods should expect lots of traffic.