Dennis Evanosky A “Google bus” picks up passengers at the AC Transit bus stop on Island Drive. Buses like these using Muni stops in San Francisco have outraged some in that city. The California Vehicle Code does not allow vehicles other than AC Transit buses to park or stop in its bus zones.

Tech Bus Protestors Target Island City

Apr 10,2014

Commuters who used the High Street Bridge on April Fools’ Day found themselves tangled in a protest that had little to do with the shenanigans some expect on that special day.

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Richard Bangert

Makani Energy Lost Its Green

Oct 29,2020

Google’s parent company Alphabet is no longer funding Makani Energy, the developer of the flying kite that produces energy. The announcement from Alphabet came in February 2020.

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Council Moves Point Forward

Jan 14,2016

While the marathon City Council meeting focused largely on the rental crisis in town (see story on this page), the 10-and-one-half hour session that began with a closed session at 5:30 p.m. and recessed at 3:59 a.m. covered other topics. These included two that touched on Alameda Point. 

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Google Presence in Town Grows

Mar 13,2014

The Google-owned wind energy company, Makani Power, has announced it will expand its presence at Alameda Point. Google has renewed Makani’s lease for up to 21 years with an additional 110,000 square feet of industrial space in a former naval airplane hangar.

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