father's day


We’ve all heard the expression that failure is an orphan, but success has many fathers. It turns out that Father’s Day has had many fathers as well. Since the early 1900s several putative parents in different locales have claimed credit for kicking it off. But despite official recognition of Mother’s Day in 1914, for many decades, dads were not getting their due. 

Alameda in Spirit

Many modern spiritual writers are hesitant to honor the ancient anthropomorphic concepts and descriptions of God. As a result, nouns and pronouns that were once used to describe a human-like deity — he, she, mother, father — are often avoided in current spiritual literature. 

For example, mystic and Divine Science writer Emmet Fox writes in his New Thought masterpiece that the Sermon On The Mount “reluctantly agreed to refer to God as ‘He’, only because it sounded less ominous than ‘It’.”