A man died after drowning in the Oakland Estuary just after 7 a.m., last Saturday morning when the vehicle he was driving plunged into the waters off the Bridgeside Shopping Center. The victim reportedly drove his SUV through the shopping center parking lot at Blanding Avenue and Broadway, past Nob Hill Foods and through a metal railing before sinking into the estuary waters.  

Witnesses later said that the driver did not brake and ended up in the estuary. 

One of the two boats has sunk near the High Street Bridge

Local, regional and state agencies conducted a multi-million-dollar effort last year to clear the Alameda/Oakland Estuary of sunken vessels that were determined to cause a navigational hazard and they chased away “anchor outs” illegally perched in the channel. 

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Oakland’s most beautiful, wild stretch of waterfront is about to go under the bulldozer. Notices have been posted around the neighborhood which warn that Signature Properties is applying for special permits to begin development on the land, without actually calling it development; so they can get around the restrictions in the environmental impact reports that have been filed for this contaminated, yet beautiful spot on the Oakland Estuary.