Encinal Terminals


With a vote of 4-2, the Planning Board sent the plans for redeveloping Encinal Terminals off to the City Council, its final destination before Tim Lewis Communities’ North Waterfront Cove LLC, can begin redeveloping the property that played a pioneering role in the development of containerized shipping. This revolutionary system of cargo handling got it first West Coast use at a terminal on this site by Matson Lines in 1958. 


Catellus. Alameda Landing. Del Monte. The old Naval Air Station — Alameda Point. What do all these projects have in common? Level of service is the only criteria the City of Alameda has ever used to evaluate the traffic impacts for these mega projects — or any other project the city has pushed through, for that matter. 


The Alameda Planning Board held a public hearing for the Encinal Terminals draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Monday, March 27.

The purpose of the public hearing was to allow Alameda residents to express their opinions about the project with Alameda officials. The draft EIR was completed on Feb. 9. The report was then under a 45-day public comment period, which concluded yesterday.  

Public comments were mostly in favor of the project. However, some residents were concerned about its potential to add traffic. The project proposes 589 new housing units.