Counting of Votes Nears Completion, No Change

Nov 20,2018


The Alameda County Registrar of Voters released its 10th election update at 9:15 p.m. Nov. 17. 
The registrar’s office appears to be counting about 1,000 ballots per day. New information has tended to widen the gap in most races as it has been released.

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Help Bring Our Children Social Justice

Jun 04,2018

Every child deserves to grow and thrive and to achieve their full potential. Early education and childcare are critical for our children to get off to a strong start and an early start in life.

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Those Election Mailers by the Numbers

Dec 01,2016


A local resident and registered Democrat took the effort to tally the direct-mail pieces sent on local issues and candidates the last election. The resident received at total of 88 pieces. 

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The Sun Invites All Candidates

Oct 25,2016


The Alameda Sun will publish its final special election edition on Thursday, Nov. 3. All candidates to public office within the city are invited to submit a photograph and 150 words about their candidacy. 

The Sun will run all submitted statements. 

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Letter Writers Need Reassurance on M1

Sep 29,2016


Well, the Sept. 22 letters to the Alameda Sun were certainly full of fear. I would like an opportunity to reassure the letter writers, and correct some misconceptions about Measure M1.

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