Election 2016

On Monday evening, Sept. 26, 110 Encinal High School students in Kevin Gorham’s Advanced Placement Government and Politics class convened at Wescafe for dinner and to watch the first presidential debate of the 2016 election. The students watched intently as presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump went at it for 90 minutes.


The year 2016 was an extremely hectic and boisterous year, filled with much hope and despair. And after the election, a great deal of anger and sorrow clouded America. 


Campaigns describe platforms to voters


Campaigns describe platforms to voters

City Council Candidates:

Tony Daysog
Perhaps the most pressing matter facing our city is how we develop key parts of our Island, since what happens in those areas affects everyone. I voted against two developments along the estuary because I was dissatisfied with their transit plan (“bus passes”). 


An Alameda man believes his home was vandalized due to his stance on the city’s rent control issue. Alameda resident Dean McPhee’s house suffered damage caused by a rock.

“Shortly before 1 a.m. Friday, Sept. 23, an unknown vandal threw a raw egg at the window of our 115-year-old Victorian,” wrote McPhee in a letter to the Alameda Sun. “The egg broke, but the window did not, so a second effort entailed a rock, which was effective in breaking the 2’ by 3’ pane of the double-hung window.”