The beach at the eastern end of Alameda Point near the dormant campground will undergo a major renovation in 2017. The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) is planning to create a natural dune landscape. They are also planning to bring more sand to the beach in order to raise the elevation to allow use of the beach at high tide. 

A recent letter, (“McKay project doesn’t respect voters’ wishes,” April 19) from former Vice Mayor Barbara Thomas is misleading the public with the intent of denying vulnerable, medically fragile homeless seniors with a safe place to live out their lives and get much needed medical care. The letter pins opposition to helping homeless seniors on personal opinion that there is a voter mandate to turn the property into open space.

No such mandate exists. At almost every step the facts in the letter were wrong:


On June 18, during a windy and scorching Saturday afternoon, I attended a brief walking tour along Crab Cove that explored the California least terns. Led by East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD) naturalist, Morgan Dill, visitors watched the terns dash across the pristine coastline using binoculars provided by the visitors center and learned why Alameda is a desirable habitat for the terns. 

Attorney General Kamala Harris indicated that GSA had not followed the Code of Federal Regulations in procuring the contract with Lewis.