Process loss with neighbors at quarterly meeting

In a pretty little cottage in a lovely little garden, there will be a table set with tea, cake and a few other munchies for the indulgers. There will be a circle of chairs — maybe 15 or so. At one end of the table, there will be name tags and pens and, after writing your name on one and assembling a small plate of treats, you will be invited to sit with a few others and talk about death. You will have arrived at the Death Café.

Seventeen-year-old Clay Harding died on Nov. 23, 2014, after ingesting prescription drugs and alcohol at the Alameda home of Kathleen Perkins, 57, and her son Matt Arnstein. 
Last Thursday Perkins and Arnstein were arraigned at Oakland’s Wiley Manuel Courthouse on 11 counts of child endangerment and two counts of obstructing a police investigation. The charges allege Harding’s death came after he mixed drugs and alcohol during a party at the Perkins-Arnstein residence.