Culinary Academy of Post Street

Photo by Robin Seeley  Leila, Roan and Enzo display their Thanksgiving bounty: colorful candy turkeys with potatoes that they mashed themselves.

Academy Kids Gobble Up Gratitude for Thanksgiving

Nov 24,2016


This month the Culinary Academy of Post Street made edible effigies of turkeys together with the traditional turkey-sidekick, mashed potatoes with gravy. That got the kids wondering why we always celebrate Thanksgiving with the same meal. What’s the scoop?

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Robin Seeley  Roan, Abby, and Gabe show off their 1959, 1814 and 1776 models of our national flag. Gabe was a special guest from San Francisco.

Fun with Flags: Digesting Old Glory’s Story

Jul 07,2016


The story of our national flag can be summed up with three “L’s:” Lore, Lyrics and Liberty. To commemorate the 240th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, the Culinary Academy of Post Street explored all three.

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Robin Seeley  The students of the Culinary Academy of Post Street reflected on the planet’s wild creatures just in time for Earth Day.

Cooking School on Safari

Apr 14,2016

The eighth session of the Culinary Academy of Post Street (CAPS) focused on a distant continent in distress: Africa. Most people have heard about the Minneapolis dentist who senselessly slaughtered Cecil, the rare black-maned lion.

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