Capone's says 'Let's move on'

Capone’s Speakeasy would like to invite you in. There have been many conversations, rumors and innuendos about Capone’s since we opened our doors in August 2014. Let’s go back in time and take a look at the old worn-out bank building at 1400 Park St. The main portion of the two-story building was built in 1888 and a second structure in the rear was added in the 1920s. For many years different banks operated at this location with the most recent being Wells Fargo. 

We can make any school in Alameda good. Why not our local school?

I will be sending my second child through our neighborhood school: Will C. Wood Middle School because I believe in supporting my neighborhood school.

Neighborhood schools keep people out of cars. At neighborhood schools, kids strengthen ties to their neighbors — both adults and children — giving them a sense of place and connection to their community. And community that is created by neighborhood schools is a concrete civic asset that we should not undervalue.

Commuting into and from Alameda over the next decades is bound to take longer, and I think it is “by design” by many government agencies.

The Caltrans project main goal is to improve the 23rd and 29th avenue exits of Interstate 880. As the primary impact is to the Oakland neighborhoods, the project mostly concentrated on appeasing Oakland neighborhood needs. The Alameda County Transportation Commission’s hired a consultant for the five-year project.

On occasion, I hear comments from community members suggesting our school district mismanages its finances. Such comments pain me, because since I arrived in Alameda in 2009, we have worked diligently to tighten up our systems, trim excess funding, and make our financial workings ever more transparent to our public. Indeed, after working in five school districts over 22 years, I can honestly say AUSD is one of the most fiscally responsible — and financially transparent — school districts I have seen.