climate change

Refrigerators Have Become a Climate-Change Hot Topic

Jun 09,2023

When it comes to climate change, refrigerators are a hot topic. Project Drawdown, an organization that models the impact of climate change solutions, has named refrigerant management and transition as the #1 way to fight climate change.

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Sea Level Rise in Alameda

Sep 09,2022

Sea level rise will have significant effects on Alameda. Flooding as a result of sea level rise can affect the day-to-day lives of residents but if we know what to expect, it will be easier to adjust to the changes that would come as a result.

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How Food Banks Help Address California’s Biggest Problems

Apr 14,2022

If you ask most Californians to name the state’s biggest problems, climate change and homelessness are bound to make the list. Food insecurity probably wouldn’t, but while addressing this issue, the state’s food banks are helping solve higher profile problems in our state.

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Learning Center Rallies for Climate

Oct 03,2019

On Sept. 20, in 120 countries, some 4 million people rallied at an estimated 2,500 climate strikes to demand action to prevent climate change. These rallies have been described as the largest youth-led global demonstration in history.

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City Needs New Climate Plan

Sep 18,2018

Input wanted at upcoming meetings

The City of Alameda is asking for the community’s involvement while developing a new Climate Action and Resiliency Plan aimed at reducing Alameda’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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Elite Foundations Are High on Carbon Dioxide

May 08,2014

In his response to my letter about resilient cities (“Not resilient enough,” April 24), Paul English extolls the virtues of “science” in advocacy of the carbon dioxide theory of global warming (“Facts, not hysteria, May 1).

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