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City Council Agrees to Extend Moratorium

Jan 14,2016

The Alameda City Council voted unanimously to extend an urgency ordinance prohibiting residential rent increases of 8 percent or more and “no-cause” evictions for 60 days at its meeting Jan. 5.

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Dennis Evanosky  Tenants who received termination notices compare notes at the Bayview Apartments last week. The building’s owners updated their termination notices on Veterans Day.

Landlords Sneak in Under Moratorium

Nov 19,2015

Hundreds evicted just in time for Veterans Day holiday

Residents at the Bayview Apartments at 470 Central Ave., were given tenancy termination notices on Nov. 7, according to Catherine Pauling, spokesperson for Alameda Renters Coalition. 

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Council OK’s APD Weapons Report

Apr 11,2023

Alameda police will be equipped with 20 more AR-15s

At its April 4 meeting, the City Council approved the plan to purchase 20 additional AR-15s for the Alameda Police Department (APD). The authorization was part of the council accepting APD’s annual military equipment report.

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City of Alameda -- Council gave feedback to staff on which approach to use in offloading Reuse Area property at Alameda Point. The map at left shows the area discussed bounded in a dashed black line.

Council Favors Phased-Sell Strategy

Mar 14,2023

At its March 7 meeting, Alameda City Council provided feedback to staff regarding the numerous strategies for the future of the Reuse Area at Alameda Point. Council told staff that it favored the mixed/phased sale strategy for the buildings that occupy the Reuse Area.

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