City Lights Xmas Tree

Dec 11,2018

The City of Alameda kicked off the holiday season with a festive celebration at City Hall last Saturday. City officials, the poets laureate and several musical performers entertained a festive crowd. Children enjoyed free candy canes and visits with Kris Kringle himself.

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File photo. The New York Sun’s 1897 letter: “Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus” has proved true as a former California news reporter will attest.

Kids’ Letter Leads to Meeting Real Santa

Dec 23,2015

In 1973 I was a reporter for a small town California newspaper. One of my jobs that year was to read “Dear Santa” letters that children sent to the newspaper and select the best ones for publication. 

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Less is More

Dec 22,2022

In contrast to the East End’s legendary Christmas Tree Lane, Sun staff stumbled upon a house on San Jose Avenue that has a distinctly understated holiday tree (top). We’re unsure if this is a work in progress, but no visible progress was taking place at the time of the photo.

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Christmas Tree Lane

Dec 23,2021

Known as Thompson Avenue for most of the year, just one particular street in Alameda undergoes a transformation into an expression of holiday joy.

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Homeowners on Christmas Tree Lane (Thompson Avenue between High Street and Fernside Boulevard) didn’t disappoint again this year. For a series of photos from the street,

Happy Holidays to Our Readers

Dec 24,2020

Well ladies and gentlemen, we’ve almost made it. Perhaps the worst year in anyone’s memory is heading for the history books just as fast as it can. With the arrival of 2021 we can look forward to reversing the damage 2020 did to our nation’s health and economy.

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Unprecedented Need

Dec 24,2020

Alameda photographer Maurice Ramirez captured the line of cars approaching Alameda Food Bank station at Alameda Point on its last day open before Christmas. The need this holiday season is beyond what anyone could have expected.

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Maurice Ramirez Photography

Caroling on Webster Street

Dec 20,2019

Carolers of all ages joined in the fun as the West Alameda Business Association hosted Santa on Webster last Friday. Here, the festive bunch performs outside Cafe Jolie where Santa was holding court.

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