Central Avenue

City Council is asking Alameda residents for their input on a concept to make Central Avenue, between Main Street/Pacific Avenue and Sherman Street/Encinal Avenue, safer at the Feb. 24 City Council meeting. City staff’s goal is to make Central Avenue safer for Alamedans traveling by car, bicycle or on foot. 

City staff has already created a design proposal and is requesting the Council’s approval at the Feb. 24 meeting. However, the council wants input from the community before they approve the plan. 

The City of Alameda has posted an online survey for the public to comment on safety improvement options for Central Avenue in the Webster Street and San Francisco Bay Trail areas. Potential options include bike lanes, a two-way bikeway on the south side of Central Avenue, which will connect  Encinal High and Paden Elementary schools with the Bay Trail, or installing “sharrow” bike pavement markings near Webster Street and Central. A “no-change” alternative is also included. A study for the Webster Street area will take place in 2019.


The Alameda Fire Department responded to two fires last week, the first on Central Avenue, the second on Barbers Point Road. They were able to confine the fires to the buildings where they started. The Oakland Fire Department provided mutual aid, covering Alameda’s fire stations, for both fires.

Residents, businesses, city staff and bicyclists will have their last say with the City Council on Feb. 24 for the future of Central Avenue’s design. Proponents claim it will make the street safer for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists. They fail to mention that the Central Avenue project favors bicyclists’ needs over the existing business needs. It takes away parking spaces near some businesses. It removes an existing truck loading zone area for businesses on the north side of Central Avenue between Webster and Sixth streets.