Carnegie Innovation Hall

The City Council will vote on three options for the proposed Alameda Carnegie Library and Foster House restoration projects at its Tuesday, Oct. 15, meeting. The Council will vote whether to accept the lease terms and authorize a 33-year lease to the Carnegie Innovation Hall with a 33-year option to renew; direct staff to renegotiate terms of the tentative lease agreement; or direct staff to seek other prospective tenants. 

With great sadness I announced last week that the Carnegie Innovation Hall team will halt efforts to revitalize Alameda’s Carnegie Library, until this or a future city government can truly help make this project happen. This is not a decision my team has come to lightly. Rather, over the past six weeks, it has become painfully clear that we are missing the most critical element of the project: a city government that fully supports and values what we intend to bring to the community.

The Carnegie Innovation Hall team announced the group will end future plans to restore the old Alameda Carnegie Library on Nov. 5. The announcement came in a letter from Michael Sturtz, the leader of the Carnegie Innovation Hall team.

It appeared the plan to restore the Carnegie Library building was a sure thing. The city had approved a lease on the building at its Oct. 15 meeting. Final ratification of the ordinance to approve the lease term was expected at the Council’s Nov. 5 meeting. 

Final ratification of an ordinance introduced at the Oct. 15 City Council meeting, to approve a lease with Carnegie Innovation Hall that will rehabilitate and restore the Carnegie Building and Foster House, is expected at the Tuesday, Nov. 5, Council meeting.