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Courtesy  Scientists and medical health professionals are just starting to wrap their brains around all the health benefits of the cannabis plant. According to the doctors at Calyx Health, it’s important to stay open minded about the possibilities of how the much-maligned plant can help with pain, lack of appetite and many other symptoms. As CBD products continue to reach the marketplace, it may be helpful to discuss their specific applications with a health professional before using them.

About the Use of Cannabis in Medicine

Jun 20,2019

Like many others her age, she hadn’t touched marijuana since the 1950s. But that was before her knee arthritis became so bad, it robbed her of sleep night after night.

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Courtesy Center for Disease Control &nbsp&nbsp This infographic helps convey how quickly measles can spread to the unprotected.

What Seniors Need to Know about Measles

May 16,2019

The recent rise in measles outbreaks is making some seniors wonder if they were actually vaccinated for the measles virus or if they need to get their measles, mumps and rubeola (MMR) vaccine refreshed. 

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Courtesy &nbsp&nbsp Regularly practicing Tai Ji Quan, or Tai Chi, has been shown to better prevent falls in older people than traditional methods of stretching.

What’s New in Geriatric Medicine

Mar 21,2019

Every year in March, scientists, researchers and medical professionals from around the country meet at the Annual Review of Geriatric Medicine, hosted by Harvard Medical School. They share the latest guidelines and advancements in the specialized care of elderly patients.

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