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Healthy body starts with healthy mind

There aren’t many deadly animals in Alameda today. And yet, the human body thinks it’s in grave danger — releasing cortisol, increasing heart rate, raising blood pressure — several times a day. That’s because the way the body responds to a lion chasing it resembles its response to speaking in public, an uncomfortable dinner party or watching the evening news.

For Roseanne Smith, interest in photography began at age 12 when her aunt gave her a Kodak Brownie camera. Now, at age 72 and retired, she carries a camera everywhere she goes. 

“I didn’t have much time for photography when I was working and raising a family. But I always knew it would be a big part of my life when I retired,” Smith said.

Like many others her age, she hadn’t touched marijuana since the 1950s. But that was before her knee arthritis became so bad, it robbed her of sleep night after night. She took two over-the-counter pain pills a day, but the pain continued to wake her up, and the drugs were hard on her stomach. 

Then one day, she did something she never thought she would do: she made an appointment at a local cannabis dispensary.

“I was determined to live my life again,” said Alice, a 68-year-old Alameda resident. “I just wasn’t sure how.”

The recent rise in measles outbreaks is making some seniors wonder if they were actually vaccinated for the measles virus or if they need to get their measles, mumps and rubeola (MMR) vaccine refreshed. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults 63 and older (those born before 1957) are presumably considered immune to the disease. They were likely infected naturally before the vaccine was invented, providing lifelong immunity. Most older adults born in or after 1957 received two doses of the MMR vaccine, and do not need to be re-vaccinated.

Every year in March, scientists, researchers and medical professionals from around the country meet at the Annual Review of Geriatric Medicine, hosted by Harvard Medical School. They share the latest guidelines and advancements in the specialized care of elderly patients.

The clinical team at Calyx Health — a doctor’s office exclusively for Medicare seniors — attends this conference each year with the intention of implementing these findings at its seniors-focused primary-care clinic in Alameda.  

Local Medicare office blends hospitality with healthcare

Most people have probably experienced this process at a doctor’s office: first, check in at reception. Sit down. Go back to reception to pick up forms. Sit down. Return the forms to reception. Sit down. Finally the doctor is ready, and you’re exhausted before the appointment has started.