bird sanctuary

Part two

Editor's Note: Please Don’t Feed the Birds. In part one of this story last week the Alameda Sun’s adventurous writer described feeding the seagulls. It turns out that East Bay Regional Park District has an ordinance in place that prohibits this behavior.

Brown pelicans, with their four-foot wing spans, are among the birds that frequent the waters at the Crown Beach’s Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary. 

In 1965, the Golden Gate Audubon Society began working with Alameda conservationist Elsie Roemer to stop the Utah Construction and Mining Company from filling in salt marshes on Bay Farm Island. Conservationists, including Roemer, worked to preserve some of these marshes, including one along the shores of San Francisco Bay at the southern end of Broadway. When developers wanted to purchase this marsh, the East Bay Regional Park District stepped in and made it a part of Crown Beach.