Bay Farm Island Bridge

David Foote &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp A sailboat rests against the Bay Farm Island Bridge after a strange encounter last Sunday. Luckily no one was injured in the crash.

Sailboat Encounters Bridge

Jul 18,2017


People walking, riding bicycles and in automobiles stopped in disbelief to watch a sailboat crunch into Bay Farm Island Bridge about 6:30 p.m., last Sunday evening. 

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Rick Lewis -- What is that duck? A common question as birders try to identify a duck riding the waves off of Alameda's coastline during the Oakland Christmas Bird Count.

Help Count Our Birds in Alameda or Elsewhere

Nov 09,2022

Last year, on the third Sunday in December, I walked with four other birders along the path from Otis Street at the Bay Farm Island bridge to Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary, along the beach to Washington Park and finally to the Willow and Grand Street bridges over the lagoon, counting all the birds

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