City of Alameda &nbsp&nbsp Site 32 on the northwest edge of Alameda Point is the subject of next Wednesday’s meeting at the library.

Navy Shows Final Cleanup Plan

Apr 17,2018

The Navy will present its proposed cleanup plan for Site 32, a 60-acre site on the northwest corner of the former runway area at Alameda Point at a meeting next week at Alameda Main Library. Site 32 is the last of the Navy’s cleanup sites at the Point awaiting a certified plan, or remedy.

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Alameda Museum &nbsp&nbsp When City Hall opened in 1896, Alameda was 20 years away from adopting the council-manager form of government. In the meantime the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire damaged the building’s signature bell tower. Workers removed the top story of the tower in 1906 and the remainder in 1937.

How the City Works

Mar 08,2018

The City of Alameda was formed in 1872 from the towns of Alameda, Encinal and Woodstock. For the first 44 years of its existence, Alameda was a general law city. This meant that Alameda did not have its own set of rules, rather state laws governed how the city ran.

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Who was Haight?

Feb 08,2018


Henry Huntly Haight was born in Rochester, New York, on May 20, 1825. He was of English and Scottish roots, with his paternal ancestors settling in 1628 in what became Massachusetts. He established the third generation of lawyers in his family. 

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