Alameda Federal Building makes way for more parkland on West End

A former maritime officer’s training facility building at 1251 McKay Ave. is currently being demolished across from the Crab Cove Visitor Center. The building, which once displayed a sign reading “Alameda Federal Building” will make way for more park-related uses under the auspices of the East Bay Regional Park District. Due to pontential for hazardous materials, the building needed to undergo abatement prior to demolition funded by Measure CC taxes earmarked for park improvements.


For the spiritually resonant, Thanksgiving Day is sacred. This is because all the spiritual laws of the universe respond swiftly and favorably to our nation’s collective and powerful Thanksgiving feelings of gratitude and charity. As a result, those who are wise enough to use spiritual laws properly can receive much more to be thankful for. 


Today, the community is enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at Christ Episcopal Church at 1700 Santa Clara Ave. Members of the congregation and volunteers from across the city are lending a hand to make this day special for many who would not otherwise be able to afford it. 

Christ Episcopal Church has deep roots in Alameda’s soil. The first services were held in the homes of congregation members. The congregation then worshiped at a church that stood at Santa Clara Avenue and Oak Street, the site of today’s City Hall. 

The city is soliciting applications from residents who would like to serve on the Commission on Disability Issues. Application forms may be obtained from the Office of the City Clerk, City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Ave., Room 380, by phone at 747-4800, or on the city’s website,

Interested persons are encouraged submit applications to the City Clerk by Thursday, Dec. 7. Contact the City Clerk’s office at 747-4800 with any questions.

A recent informal poll at High Street and Santa Clara Avenue revealed something that the city hopes to change by 2023. Of 10 vehicles that drove by the intersection at 9:40 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 21, seven of them — 70 percent — had only the drivers aboard. 


School and police officials released a joint statement addressing a suspicious incident that occurred at Lincoln Middle School (LMS) Friday, Nov. 10, assuring families that the school is safe.

Alameda Unified School District (AUSD), Alameda Police Department (APD) and LMS officials described the disurbance that took place Friday afternoon and what actions were taken to resolve the issue.  


The Union City Police Department (UCPD) announced that on Nov. 3 officers from its Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving Unit (COPPS) arrested 15 men in a sting operation. UCPD crime reports state that the officers made the arrests about 4 p.m. on the 32000 block of Alvarado Niles Road. 


Alameda is taking steps toward a bright future at Alameda Point. However, the city continues to stumble on the former Naval Air Station’s deteriorating infrastructure. The latest tripping stone centers on 75-year-old drains serving brand-new tenants.

At the center is a consent decree that the city signed in 2014. At question is whether that decree requires the city to take a “replace-as-you-go” tack as it sails toward completion of Alameda Point. Or does it allow a build-now, replace-the-drains-later plan?


Good evening Mayor, Vice Mayor, members of the City Council. I’m Paul Rolleri, Police Chief, and I am joined by all of the City Department Heads here before you.


The City of Alameda Social Service Human Relations Board, working in partnership with the Alameda Unified School District, Alameda Youth Collaborative and Alameda’s social services organizations is conducting an online survey regarding the housing, community development and social service needs in Alameda.

In a time of dwindling resources and increasing needs, it is more important than ever the residents of Alameda have a voice in how the city invests federal and other funding received for these programs and services.