If creativity is really the flower of the mind, then the rest of the body is just a flower pot and every community owes it to itself to be a garden. Just as a flower can spring up through a crack in a sidewalk, so too can a bourgeois community afford young minds an opportunity to blossom. It happened here in Alameda when the Tomorrow Youth Repertory found a crack in the pavement and performed Be More Chill at an assembly hall provided by the Trinity Lutheran Church.

A group of 30 eighth-grade students and their chaperones from Alameda’s South Korean sister city, Yeongdong-gun visited the Island City last week. 

While in Alameda they stopped by the mural at Lincoln Avenue at Bay Street, above. Chris Chanyan Shim, who is based in Seoul, South Korea, created the work of art that he described to the Korea Daily as “an African American girl in a hanbok, a traditional Korean dress.”  

Global warming and pollution have become a very big conversation in society over the past few years. There have been new companies taking action toward making the planet a cleaner and safer place. These include the search engine Ecosia that plants trees with the ad revenue it receives from people’s searches.

Owners must list rentals with city

The City of Alameda’s Rent Program was established in 2016 when the City Council adopted an ordinance to stabilize rents and limit grounds for termination of tenancies. Last year, the Council adopted a new law that strengthened this program, including limiting rent increases for many rental properties to an annual general adjustment equal to 70 percent of the Consumer Price Index’s percentage yearly increase, 2.8 percent currently. It also requires landlords to submit a registration statement annually for all rental properties. 

The City of Alameda and the Alameda Unified School District are in the process of finalizing a 60-year lease that would allow a community swim center to replace the Emma Hood Swim Center on the Alameda High School campus  

Alameda Recreation & Parks Department (ARPD) is developing a conceptual design for a City Aquatic Center and wants to hear from the public. ARPD will host a meeting to present its final design and offer the public an opportunity to comment. 

Score paid gigs in aviation, maritime, engineering, more

College students who live or study in Alameda are invited to apply for the Port of Oakland’s 2020 Summer College Internship Program. Through a competitive process, prospective applicants may apply for paid internships in a variety of fields, including: audit, aviation, communications, engineering, governmental affairs, human resources, information technology, planning and development and social responsibility.

Former U.S. Rep. Fortney “Pete” Stark Jr., died on Friday, Jan. 24. Stark served in the House of Representatives for 40 years, from 1973 to 2013. During his last 20 years in Congress, Stark represented California’s 13th Congressional District, which included Alameda. Redistricting, which began in 2011, redrew Stark’s District as the 15th District. Eric Swalwell defeated Stark in the 2012 election.

The Alameda Police Department (APD) is warning the public about fake parking citations being “issued” throughout the city. An APD records clerk noticed a fraudulent ticket when a resident brought it in to make a payment. Police believe the tickets are not part of a scam, but more of a prank. Several discrepancies exist between a real parking ticket and the fraudulent ones. For one thing, real tickets have “City of Alameda” written at the top of the ticket. To learn if a ticket is legitimate, contact APD. 

The City of Alameda has collected more than 1,400 comments via an online map at that allows community members to note where they notice unsafe walking and biking conditions, where they’d like to see street-safety improvements and where they’ve had close calls with vehicles. 

The map is available in English, Chinese and Spanish. The public must provide comments by this Sunday, Jan. 26, to have them considered. 

It’s easy to miss the cryptic-colored snowy plovers on Crown Beach, even if you’re intent on finding them. They’re small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, and their pale tan backs and snowy white bellies blend in perfectly with the sand. 

To many Alamedans’ delight, this threatened shorebird continues to take up winter residence at Crown Memorial State Beach.