Alameda Youth Committee


Ready to get a job or volunteer position but don’t know how to start? Teens and tweens are invited to attend a workshop on Thursday, April 13, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at the Main Library at 1550 Oak St.


The Alameda Youth Committee (AYC) worked with Alameda Recreation and Park Department (ARPD) to launch a “Piece and Kindness” campaign. They hoped to promote kindness and heal divisiveness throughout the community. The piece-peace play on words was a deliberate one.

The campaign entailed community members creating art on blank 4×4 puzzle pieces and returning their creations to AYC and ARPD. The pieces could then become part of a final community puzzle, one that promotes kindness and reminds us that every piece makes the community whole.  


Alameda Recreation and Park Department (ARPD) and Alameda Youth Committee (AYC) are asking the community to express itself during their “Piece and Kindness Campaign.” Community members can show what kindness they bring to the picture on a blank 4 x 4 puzzle piece. ARPD and AYC will fit all the pieces together and display them to promote kindness and remind the community that every piece makes the community whole. 

With so much divisiveness in the world today, ARPD and AYC hope that the campaign shows how individual kindnesses come together to form a beautiful community.