Alameda Wildlife Reserve

Rick Lewis -- This Western Gull with a fishhook caught in its bill will have trouble catching and eating food and may starve to death.

Watch the Line!

Oct 20,2022

Alameda’s long, accessible Bay shoreline offers ample opportunity for recreational fishing. At some times of the year and in some places, the fishing can be excellent. Many fisherfolk use monofilament lines on their fishing poles because it’s a versatile and amazingly strong line.

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Rick Lewis &nbsp&nbsp A great blue heron perches high in a tree.

Meet the Great Blue Heron

Apr 25,2019

That tall, greyish bird with a thick, yellow bill standing motionless in the shallow water along the Alameda shore is most likely fishing. These birds are great blue herons (yes, blue, even though they may look grey), who use their long bills to catch fish.

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