Alameda in Spirit

Alameda in Spirit

Unity, a New Thought spiritual philosophy, observes its annual “World Day of Prayer” on Sept. 13, to counter the memory of the religious atrocities of Sept. 11, 2001. It’s a bold undertaking, because like 2001, 2018 has been a bad year for prayer, particularly “our thoughts and prayers.”

Currently, fundamentalism gets a very bad rap. It is difficult to acknowledge it in less than a pejorative light. 

Alameda in Spirit

Many modern spiritual writers are hesitant to honor the ancient anthropomorphic concepts and descriptions of God. As a result, nouns and pronouns that were once used to describe a human-like deity — he, she, mother, father — are often avoided in current spiritual literature. 

For example, mystic and Divine Science writer Emmet Fox writes in his New Thought masterpiece that the Sermon On The Mount “reluctantly agreed to refer to God as ‘He’, only because it sounded less ominous than ‘It’.” 

In January, many of us are on diets. Some diets have three phases. Phase one is grim determination. Phase two is rationalization that one little bite, sip, taste, puff, etc. won’t hurt. Phase three is complete failure.

This year, try a good-vibe diet instead. The many benefits of good vibes, or positive thinking, have been empirically proven.

A good-vibe diet can make you — and everyone around you — feel better, both physically and mentally.