Alameda Spelling Bee

Eric J. Kos &nbsp&nbsp Alameda’s top five spellers for 2020 include, left to right: Benjamin Kapelke, Akhil Mummidi, Grace Tan, Callista Frederick and Julian Chea. The top ten finishers all received prizes from local Alameda businesses.

Official Bee Honors Island’s Top Spellers

Feb 04,2020

The 2020 Alameda Spelling Bee was held last Saturday at Otis Elementary School. Roughly 45 students from more than a dozen schools participated in the competition, which included a written test followed by an oral spelling competition.

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Chuck Kapelke &nbsp&nbsp The city’s poets laureate and spelling bee judges flank the top five spellers in last Saturday’s competition. Left to right: Cathy Dana, Thomas McMuldren, Adriana Argyriou, Ella Banchieri, Vincent Gao, Elizabeth Tsyvinsky and Gene Kahane.

Bee Determines Island’s Top Spellers

Feb 06,2018

In a heated competition that resulted in a head-to-head match up that went back and forth between the final two competitors, Academy of Alameda seventh grader Thomas McMuldren emerged victorious at the Alameda Spelling Bee last Saturday.

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Eric J. Kos  The Alameda Spelling Bee’s top five spellers, left to right: Liam Foster, Hazel Purins, Elizabeth Tsyvinsky, Katie Angstadt-Leto and Alyanna Manzano. For more photos from the 2016 bee, visit

Island’s Best Spellers Compete in City Bee

Feb 11,2016

The second annual Alameda Spelling Bee took place last Saturday at Otis Elementary School. Liam Foster, a ninth-grader at Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC), was named the top speller on the Island. This year’s bee was open to students in both elementary and middle schools.

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