alameda point


On Wednesday, July 5, Alameda City Council considered an amendment to the Alameda Point Site A Plan, for the portion of Alameda Point currently under development. Alameda Point Partners and the City have created a solution that would maintain the integrity of the original development while delivering the need for housing. 


Property owners on the Northern Waterfront and at Alameda Point have joined with the City of Alameda to launch the Alameda Transportation Management Association (TMA). The association is charged with creating more transportation choices in Alameda. 

Not only does the Alameda TMA provide and pay for transportation services in the Northern Waterfront and Alameda Point, it benefits all Alamedans with services that include paying for increased frequency on AC Transit’s Line 19, which runs along the Northern Waterfront area as well as to Webster Street and Oakland.


Catellus. Alameda Landing. Del Monte. The old Naval Air Station — Alameda Point. What do all these projects have in common? Level of service is the only criteria the City of Alameda has ever used to evaluate the traffic impacts for these mega projects — or any other project the city has pushed through, for that matter. 



The city and AC Transit’s Inter-agency Liaison Committee will meet next week to discuss public-transportation-related developments. Among the items on the agenda are updates on bus lines 19, 31 and 96. Line 19 serves the Northern Waterfront, while lines 31 and 96 carry passengers from Alameda Point to the MacArthur and Fruitvale BART stations respectively. 


There are three public hearing agenda items regarding new development at Alameda Point at the upcoming Planning Board meeting Monday, Jan. 23 at City Hall.

The Planning Board will consider recommending to the City Council approval of the Main Street Neighborhood (MSN) Specific Plan.


The U.S. Navy’s Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Project Management Office completed a five-year review of the environmental cleanup actions at the Alameda Point. 


The aircraft carrier USS Hornet — docked at 707 West Hornet Ave. on Alameda Point — invites the community on board for the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The Hornet will host the remembrance from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. next Wednesday, Dec. 7. The carrier will especially honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice at Pearl Harbor. 

Scheduled speakers will include a member of the 442rd Regimental Combat Team, a distinguished airman and a member of the Navy WAVES. 



At its Tuesday, Oct. 4, meeting the City Council will discuss the development of Alameda Point’s Enterprise District, also noted as Area B on some maps. The district lies south of Area A, which is centered on West Atlantic Avenue and primed for residential development.  

City staff has divided the district into four zones. 


Last Thursday, the Water Emergency Transportation Administration (WETA) broke ground at Alameda Point for its $49.5 million Ron Cowan Central Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility.