alameda point

City Scores Point Transit Grant

Jun 19,2014

The City of Alameda will be able to use $400,000 to develop policies and procedures regarding transportation at Alameda Point thanks to The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). The money comes in the form of two grants. 

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Wetland Park Plan for Seaplane Lagoon is Phony

May 08,2014

The plan for a so-called “De-Pave Park” on the western side of the Seaplane Lagoon would be something to cheer about if the park had any chance of ever being created. The concept behind the park is to remove the concrete tarmac and shoreline boulders, allowing for a natural wetland shoreline.

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Photo by Jeff Cambra. The San Francisco Bay Trail comes to an abrupt end near the USS Hornet at Alameda Point. As the Point develops, the city plans to extend the trail.

City committed to continuing Bay Trail at Alameda Point

May 01,2014

Extending the Bay Trail around Alameda Point has long been one of Bike Walk Alameda’s long-term visions. When the Alameda Naval Air Station closed in 1997, proponents of the Bay Trail project recognized the opportunity to complete a major section of the San Francisco Bay perimeter trail.

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Redirecting Alameda Point Efforts

May 01,2014

The City Council debate of the requests for qualifications from developers for plans to develop two parcels at Alameda Point and where to put 1,425 houses at Alameda Point sounded a lot like 2007. 

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Traffic-Reduction Plan in Works for Point

Mar 27,2014

The Planning Board took a first look Monday at a plan intended to blunt the traffic to and from Alameda Point. The Transportation Commission will offer its recommendation on the draft transportation demand management plan on April 23, and the City Council could approve it on May 19.

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The San Francisco skyline serves as backdrop for a network of wells that the Navy installed at Site 1. US Navy photo

Navy Issues Cleanup Plan for Point Waste Dump

Feb 27,2014

The U.S. Navy recently published a draft of its work plan for 37-acre industrial waste dump on the northwest corner of Alameda Point. Installation Restoration Site 1 operated from 1943 to 1956 and contains tons of waste.

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Hazardous Waste on West End Not Likely

Jan 23,2014

Suspicious cargo to be examined here if official contract receives approval

Concerns a warehouse and trucking company in Alameda will transport hazardous material including nuclear toxins into the city are overexaggerated said the company owner.

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