Alameda Municipal Power

Alameda fire crews deployed all over California, AMP responds to restore electricity to victims of Carr Fire

Both Alameda firefighters and field crew members from Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) are assisting in fighting the fires that continue to devastate California. 

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) warns the public it has received reports of scam calls demanding immediate payment from customers, saying their electric accounts will be disconnected. The scammers ask customers to pay their AMP bills at CVS, according to customers. In addition, the scammers spoof caller-ID information to make it appear that their calls are from AMP.

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) is hosting a free public workshop to help Alamedans determine if solar is right for them. The public is invited to attend the free event to learn about how home solar works,  financing, incentives, impact on electric bills and the overall process of converting to solar power.

AMP will host the workshop at its service center at 2000 Grand St. on Tuesday, Aug. 13, at 6 p.m. Seating is limited, so register in advance. Register at

The state of California is taking unprecedented measures to protect all California residents and businesses from the risk of wildfire. Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) planned power outages to reduce the risk of wildfire may have broader implications on the electric grid. While Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) does not expect to have planned power shutdowns at this time, it uses PG&E’s transmission system and could potentially be impacted. 


Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) is warning customers of a phone scam. The municipally owned utility has received reports that scammers are impersonating its employees and demanding immediate payment from customers. In addition, AMP received a report of a caller falsely claiming to be a PG&E employee who was collecting payments for AMP.


Alameda Municipal Power and Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA) are hosting a forum on green holiday celebrations as part of an event series on sustainable living.

The public is invited to attend the free event to learn how to create green holiday traditions that can be proudly carried on by the next generation. Participants will learn sustainability tips for giving, feasting, traveling, decorating and making homes cozy during the holiday season.


Alameda police officers arrested an Alameda resident after he allegedly tried blocking the installation of Alameda Municipal Power’s (AMP) new smart meters at an apartment building Thursday, March 29.

Alameda resident Christopher Rabe was arrested at 10:30 a.m., according to Alameda Police Department (APD) reports. The incident took place at the apartment building on the 2200 block of Pacific Avenue where Rabe, 39, is a tenant. 

An Alamedan has been on a mission to prove Alameda Municipal Power’s (AMP) newly installed smart meters emit more radio-frequency (RF) radiation than AMP suggests.


As many Alamedans know, Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) has been implementing its Smart Meter program in residential neighborhoods. What most Alamedans do not know, however, is the hidden potential for danger these radio-frequency (RF) radiation-emitting devices have. There is current evidence of a link between cancer and RF radiation. This includes a $25 million study by the federal government’s National Toxicology Program that proves the link.


Every October, Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) joins with more than 2,000 other community-owned electric utilities in the U.S. to honor the contributions of public power. This year’s celebration of Public Power Week (Oct. 1 to 7) resonates for me because I recently joined AMP as general manager during the utility’s 130th year of providing electric service to Alamedans. This is a pivotal time for AMP.