Alameda Health System

Upgrades include new equipment, beds, renovations

Alameda Hospital has recently acquired new beds,  part of an overall plan by the hospital’s parent, Alameda Health System (AHS), to upgrade the facility. With price tags ranging from $10,000 to $28,000 per bed, the nearly 40 replacement beds cost about $500,000. 


Registered nurses (RNs) at Alameda Hospital voted unanimously to ratify a new contract with the hospital and Alameda Health System (AHS) on Friday Oct. 7, according to the California Nurses Association (CNA).

The new agreement, covering 120 registered nurses at Alameda Hospital, operated by AHS, features protected healthcare coverage and retirement benefits and significant economic gains.

What is happening with Alameda’s ongoing efforts to support our community’s local hospital and health care services with our funds and our participation in planning for the future? How did we arrive at our current situation? This is the first of several articles that will look at the larger forces affecting us, then share specific information and questions for us all to consider.