Alameda Citizens Task Force

The Alameda Citizens Task Force (ACT) will host a public meeting on Wednesday, April 25, at 7 p.m. at the Alameda Hospital, 2070 Clinton Ave., in the second-floor conference room. The meeting will discuss the current City Council decisions and what ACT feels is the outsized influence of public employee unions and developers on almost every aspect of city government. The meeting will explore the formation of an independent political action committee to support candidates in the November election. 


On Sept. 7, I moderated the Alameda Citizens Task Force (ACT) forum to meet the candidates for City Council. 

ACT led the successful fight against the former City Council’s attempt to sell public land to a private developer at Crab Cove and Crown Beach, which Marilyn Ashcraft strongly supported. ACT also worked and successfully stopped SunCal’s development of 5,000 residential units at Alameda Point, which Lena Tam strongly supported and the city’s attempted giveaway of the Mif Albright golf course to Ron Cowan, which Lena Tam initially supported.