Alameda Backyard Growers

Birgitt Evans -- Project Pick volunteers after harvesting a tree.

Tips for Enjoying and Sharing Alameda’s Citrus Bounty

Apr 14,2023

No one in Alameda should have to buy lemons in the winter. The bayside climate agrees with our most commonly found varieties of lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and mandarins. Today’s residents are the lucky heirs to a rich agricultural history wherein Alameda’s founders planted orchards and farms.

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Photos courtesy U.S. Dept. of Agriculture -- Waxy exudate left by Asian citrus psyllid nymphs.

Help Wipe Out Citrus Disease

Feb 08,2023

Alameda’s front and back yards contain many citrus trees. Selected lemon and mandarin orange varieties are particularly common here. Citrus trees are easy to care for, but they can be prone to insect damage on the leaves from aphids, leafminers, and thrips, which can all be managed.

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Kristen Smeal -- Fourth graders Victor Kemp and William Markus saving fava beans at St. Philip Neri Garden.

School Gardens Bridge the Gap Between School and Community

Nov 23,2022

During World War I, school gardens materialized as an effort to utilize idle land on urban and suburban school properties. Food was grown at schools for local community food security, to increase nutritional awareness, and to increase youth civic engagement.

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Marla Koss -- This Belle de Boskoop apple tree on Alameda Point mysteriously sets big crops every year, despite it’s supposed need for 800 to 1,000 winter chill hours (Alameda’s annual average is 500 chill hours).

The Importance of Winter Chill in the Alameda Garden

Oct 12,2022

Winter chill: As mild as winters can be alongside the bay — perfect for subtropicals that grow so successfully here, e.g., Feijoas, Persimmons, Figs and Citrus — locals still love to grow trees, shrubs, and bulbs that need winter chill in order to perform.

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Aphids in Summer

Aug 11,2022

It’s a lovely warm summer day. The kale plants in the garden have looked lush and productive, ready for salads and sautés. The broccoli and chives have been doing well too. But suddenly — aphids!

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The Health (and Other) Benefits of Urban Trees

Jun 09,2022

Many of us enjoy viewing the canopy of full-grown trees that grace many Alameda streets, but trees are not simply aesthetically pleasing. Many different research studies have shown that living around trees is good for people’s health.

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