2016 election


Alameda’s lame-duck City Council sat for the last time on Tuesday, Dec. 20. Councilmembers took care of the consent calendar and put their final stamp on three ordinances — one dealing with leases, a second with parking and a third with taxes. They wrapped the meeting up with a resolution commending outgoing City Council member Tony Daysog for his 14 years of service on the Council. 


The Alameda Sun will publish its election edition on Thursday, Nov. 3. The edition will include information about all candidates and issues that will appear on the Tuesday, Nov. 8, ballot. 

The Sun welcomes letters and pieces in favor of candidates, but will not publish them until Nov. 3. The Sun will not run letters 
opposing candidates and will not run any letters that disparage candidates. The Sun will also not publish boiler-plate letters. These are letters that come from different writers but say essentially the same thing.