Sun Shines Everywhere 11219

Jenny & Geoff Clerk recently returned from a vacation to the countries of Italy, Turkey and Georgia with the Alameda Sun. While in the Country of Georgia (borders Russia to the north), the couple took a day wine tour and one of the first places they stopped was a local bakery in the village of Badiauri. The village is famous for its cheese and Kakhetian bread called Shoti. Above, Geoff holds the Sun and Jenny stands next to him in the blue shirt. On Jenny’s other side stands Fred Sciulli and his wife, Marjorie Sciulli, is in the multi-colored blouse. The two couples were next-door neighbors on Harbor Bay until the Scuillis moved away. At far left the baker holds a loaf ready to be slapped up against the “tone” oven wall where the bread bakes literally on its walls. The baked bread is incredibly soft, crusty and delicious, report the Clerks. “It’s shaped like a slightly curved canoe,” wrote Jenny. “The tables are full of fresh bread and cheese, and people there are very, very friendly, happy and grateful for everything they have.” According to Jenny, Georgia has been making wine for 8,000 years in terracotta vases placed in the ground (shown in foreground).

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