Richard ‘Dick’ Wood

Richard “Dick” Wood, 83, passed away on May 23, 2018, at home with those he loved.  
Dick was famous in Alameda for tooling around town in his prized, one-of-a-kind, blue Cadillac Brougham limousines. 

Dick was born in Maine, and arrived in California after joining the Air Force. He served as a medic at Beale Air Force Base. Dick bought an apartment building in Alameda in 1965, and opened a very successful business, Lincoln Center Draperies, on the building’s ground floor. The name of the business was derived from its location on Lincoln Avenue, and for Dick’s love of opera as performed at New York City’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Dick had a keen mind and a great, quirky and mischievous sense of humor. He often joked that global warming was a good thing, for him. He predicted that in 20 years his Lincoln Avenue digs would be prime waterfront property.

He was a tennis and fitness enthusiast, competing in cross-country races and running the Robert Crown Memorial Beach for many years. He and his partner, Lucy Gutierrez, won the senior division trophies several times at Oregon’s Crater Lake Rim Run. 

Dick is survived by three sons: Steve, Dave and Carl; two brothers, Curt and Gary; nephew Art Wood; eight grandchildren and his partner, Lucy Gutierrez.

He was also the beloved landlord of tenants Dev Gilmore, Laura Baker and Gil Michaels. He also prized his subscription to the Alameda Sun and frequently submitted letters to the editor, limericks and jokes. He was a member of the gold circle of the Sun Family of Subscribers for many years.


Editor’s note: Earlier this year Dick Wood came to the Alameda Sun with the dire news that he didn’t have long to live. In the time he had left, he said he wanted to “Have some fun with you guys,” and placed a number of humorous advertisements. We’ve chosen to reprint some of them below. Alameda truly has lost some of its sense of humor.