Stephen James Wade

Stephen was born on Sept. 11, 1968, in Oakland. He passed away on April 4, 2014, in his childhood home in Alameda surrounded by family and close friends. A resident of Palmer, Alaska, he had recently returned to the bay area to undergo advanced treatment for cancer.

Stephen attended Bret Hart Jr. High in Oakland and Language Associates School in Orinda. He was known to his young friends for his skill and daring in mountain biking and climbing, Alpine and Nordic skiing, skateboarding and canoeing. Being an accomplished outdoorsman at an early age he backpacked extensively with his family throughout the high Sierras.
After a very successful amateur junior racing career representing Squaw Valley, Kirkwood and Bear Valley, he retired from U.S. Ski Association competition and turned professional to compete in extreme skiing, the North American center of which is Valdez, Alaska.

Settling in our northern most state, he married Tara Mellon who has both Alaskan and Californian roots and whom he had met in South Lake Tahoe. He retired from Extreme competition upon the birth of his first child. Widely loved for his mentoring and support of young athletes and other children he was adored by youngsters and their parents for being the definitive strong, but compassionate male figure.

After some early years in construction and trucking, Stephen worked on Alaska’s North Slope for a corporation jointly owned by Conoco Oil and the region’s Native Corporation. He ensured that the oil wells were accessible and equipped at all times, in all conditions and received major commendations for his work.

Stephen is survived by his wife, Tara, captain of the fire department in Wassilla, Alaska, by his daughter Athena, a high school student there, his son Clayton, just admitted to UC Davis (both children being outstanding athletes) and his parents, Steve and Arletta Wade of Alameda. Services are being held in Alaska.

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